Mike's Musical Odyssey

365 songs. 365 days.

Day 345 - The Shallow End of the Salty Me

This was a jam that started actually two nights ago when I had some free time to fiddle before I went to bed. Fiddle on the guitar. I laid down what turned out to be the chorus of this song, with just the chords and some bits and pieces of a melody. Then, this morning, it sort of just happened again while I was trying to come up with something, so I ran with it. The first words that came to mind were “One more step and you’ll be in deep.” Deep where? “Reachin depths too deep for me.” Ha. Fun fun. From there, I could develop some sort of picture. It turned out to be kind of a metaphor for somebody who knows your weaknesses and plays them on you whenever the situation calls for it. More specifically, the character in this song is leaving “me” by swimming out deep into the ocean, which I could never do. Tom Hanks is CRAZY for even taking a raft. In the end, I was left up to my knees in the shallow end of the salty me. Sea - Me - Shallow - Salty. Goolash.