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Listener’s Pick TOP 10 Album!

Ok, so while this fire’s still burning and I’ve got your attention, I’m happy to announce that I’m going to (mostly) self-produce an album made up of the top 10 songs from the Odyssey as chosen by YOU, my lovely cyber family. Here are the guidelines to make your submissions.

1) Each person can send in up to 3 of their favorite songs from the Odyssey. Keep in mind, these should be songs you’d like to hear with a full arrangement.

2) To submit, send an email to macionni@gmail.com with the subject line “ODYSSEY TOP 10” or else it might go to spamland. Also, feel free to message me on Facebook.

3) NO THICK7 songs will be chosen for the Top 10 album. Because that album’s probably going to drop before this one anyways :)

After receiving a fair number of submissions, I’ll tally up the votes and get to work on some demos. I’m hoping to get some pretty interesting and challenging songs to demo out, so have fun with it! Think how COOL¬†you’ll feel when you realize that a certain track is on the album all because of you.

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    Go! Do it! Check out youtube.com/mikecionni to listen to the Odyssey songs and pick your favorites!
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