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Pixies - Here Comes Your Man (Acoustic Cover)

I keep forgetting to post the covers I’ve been recording (I’m doing one every Weds.), but you can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like more consistent updates (youtube.com/mikecionni). But here’s a cover of one of my favorite Pixies tunes!

Independence Day (Elliot Smith)

I’m happy to announce that every Wednesday, I’m going to start learning and recording a cover song. One of the best ways to stir up your own creative inspiration is to journey through another’s art, and learning how to play songs I love can really get the pathways open. Here’s the song I uploaded to YouTube last week. Elliot Smith was awesome, I wish he was still making music.

Picture - Ana Safari

My new band, Ana Safari, has been locking down the sound over the last couple months at our bassist Nicole Row’s bungalow behind the Home Depot in Hollywood. This is the first recording we’ve done; a joyful little tune about pictures. There’s a couple more tunes in the works, as well as shows coming up in the future. Enjoy the song, will post some photos, vids, and show dates soon!

THICK7 - Murder Jeans

Check out my hip hop group’s second music video, starring Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell).

THICK7 is hired by the CIA to track down and exterminate a cold-blooded nuclear proprietor who goes by the codename “Mr. B”.

If you like the video, please share, comment, or just give it a like! Your support is what keeps THICK7 erect!

The THICK7 EP is now available on SPOTIFY!

There are some iTunes distributors (including U.S.) processing the request, but you should be able to purchase the EP off iTunes in a day or so. In the meantime, stream the album with Spotify!

the last year

I’ve neglected my blog. You know it. I know it. So let’s get back on track.

Tis been a year since the Odyssey, and a lot has been happening. I’m performing more, writing (though not nearly as much), and surprisingly, doing a little bit of production on the side.

My rap group, THICK7, has been a focus over the year. After releasing a music video for “Would Ya Hit That” in May, we prepared for the release of our debut THICK7 EP while shooting our second video for “Murder Jeans”. In fact, if you’re in the LA area, we’re having a huge premiere/release/live performance party at M Bar TOMORROW NIGHT at 8:30!! And it’s free! Check the FB page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/THICK7                                         Or follow Bownce on Twitter: @THICK7music

In my native land of music for rock arrangements, I’ve finally formed a band! Our three-piece indie rock outfit going by the name of Ana Safari just played our first gig a week ago at The Mint, along with the release of two singles (both of which were written during my year-long musical odyssey.) In fact, all the songs we play at this point are from the Odyssey, so yes, it was worth it. You can find Ana Safari on FB at www.facebook.com/anasafari, plus I’ll be posting songs, shows, pictures, etc. on here for both groups.

In the interest of tradition, or maybe nostalgia, I’ll continue to post raw new songs and covers from the red couch; just not every day. However, I will attempt to post something every day, whether it’s a song, a video, an event, or just some rambling.



THICK7- Would Ya Hit That?

Remember back during the Odyssey when I did the week of THICK7? Well we decided that some of those videos and songs could use a little facelift. Nick and I mixed and mastered the self-titled 7-song EP and I teamed up with Meghann Cionni and Tyler Glodt to produce the music video for “Would Ya Hit That?”. The result is something I’m always going to be proud of. It’s sexy, it’s big, and it’s THICK AS HELL. After you’ve checked out the video (and shared with your friends and left some wonderful comments) head over to the freshly launched website at www.THICK7.com , and download the song for free!

Grounded - Pavement Cover

Here’s the second Pavement cover I’ve posted online. As I’m sure I’ve made clear a hundred times, I love Pavement. Not only do these guys create magic when they have instruments in their hands, but they also have a great time doing it, and you can hear it in every song. As I wrote in the YouTube caption, this song is especially effective at being affective. When I went to see Pavement last September at Hollywood Bowl, I drunkenly sobbed into a stranger’s plastic cup of vodka during this song, and it was nice to know Malkmus’s guitar was wailing with me.

Anonymous said: Hey Mike, Was wondering if you take suggestions from bands at all? Peace out x Nick

I guess that depends on what kind of suggestion it is. What’s your suggestion?